Mijas Felina participates in #SoydeMijas

Mijas Felina will be responsible for presenting the new public animal management program (not only felines) and veterinary services in Mijas within the electoral social program of the citizen platform #SoydeMijas.

In the next few days, point number 6 of the electoral social program for Mijas 2023 will be updated with new proposals for action in our municipality to put an end to the incompetence of the managers and services subcontracted by our town hall and to make way for a managing body new and efficient and operating exclusively in Mijas.

The Citizen platform #SoydeMijas is growing more and more every day, incorporating professionals from all social, cultural and economic sectors of Mijas and it is a real honor to have Mijas Felina in our ranks as the responsible spokesperson for the animal world in Mijas so that this way more Animal Defence Associations can see themselves reflected and also find more professionals willing to listen to them and act as they should without delays or excuses.


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